Friday, July 27, 2007

Pablo's Haze

I am in Henderix's purple haze
And there's a rush flowing in my vein
And the people packed and left
But the party's on in my brain

I finally feel i am on the doorstep
Just one movement of my feet
Will get me over, or I will fall
face first, collide with a wall

Over the step, there is redemption
For imaginary crimes that I have done
Over the doors there is perception
Of the fact that I have begun

I guess I am back to this domain
There's this part of my brain
That has been dormant for an year
And has gone some stress and tear

But it's rolling, with a slight headache
Can you feel me when I said it
I gotta take a guess for what i dont know
I gotta take the time for the time to flow

Purple Haze, Pablo's haze
Walking into a permanent maze
Purple Haze, see the sounds
And wait till I come around

One Shot Two Shot Three Shot Four Shot

My men they let me down
When I asked them to fight
And when they came to it
It was hard seeing their plight

My men they let me down
After the easier task
They become happy to soon
And in false glory they bask

One by one they went
While I stayed cursing them
At the ground under my breath
They handed me my wreath

So I took it up to me
The fight was already lost
And there was no use to continue
Then I made the most

Cause even God failed that day
And my faith is shaken
What use is past pride
When you let yourself taken

Come on my opponent
I still have something for you
I'll hurl my war cry
And here's what I'll do

One for those who failed me
Two for our guide who led us wrong
Three for the people who'll hang us
Four for myself and I'm gone

The Art Of Saying Goodbye

As everything fades away into oblivion
And as life solidifies into a wall
And it's impenetrable and all that
And I'll slowly walk away from it all

Although I can't trust my instincts on this
It might not be true in my mind
But in my heart I know I can move on
And not look back at what's left behind

Now I go onto one last concession
I'll never feel again what I felt then
I'll never be the same, never say it again
But I can't allow myself to run

And she can't accuse me of what I am not
Cause I didn't know the art of saying goodbye
And I don't think I will ever learn it
But I swear I am going to try

And too much has gone in a cliche
I'm now going to change my direction
It's a space-time graph going different
And it's a dangerous personal correction

I hope this is my final ode to you
And as the music fades, so do I
Strain your ears I wont be there
I am learning the art of saying goodbye

The Insanity Just Turned Twenty (Plagarising Mradul)

It would seem like an ardous task
And no one seems to ask
What I have been up to
The last decade or two

One line for each year
One word for each fear
One verse of mine to call
One time to say it all

I have spent a fifth in love
And a fourth in heaven
And the rest scattered etc
Totalling upto eleven

Do away with numbers I am told
Cause count the numbers and you are old
And do you not understand, magic!
Not comic, realistic and tragic!

To begin with, twenty is not too much
I can have twenty for lunch
And Cant get over the tendency to rhyme
Thats why The Insanity Turned Twenty


Xavier sleeps in his dream
And he wakes up to save a woman
Her husband is a brutal beast
And she's a beauty, his ill omen

Xavier walks from dream to dream
And the doors he closes are half open
Xavier is now a communist soldier
Trying to sneak away to that pretty woman

Xavier meets a girl on a train
They are going to a ski trip on a mountain
Xavier knows the girl loves him
And she'd always agree to take the pain

Xavier makes her follow him
And acts as if he pays no attention
Xavier dances with another woman
And the girl she seeks intervention

Xavier takes the woman to a cabin
They leave two sets of steps on snow
The girl she follows at a distance
She's lost all choice, has to go

The girl is watching them
Her eyes they look across the window
Xavier ignores her completely
And she slowly gets covered with snow

Xavier is at a funeral
Of the girl he could have loved
Xavier is the last one
To throw a rose in the grave dug

Xavier wakes with the beautiful woman
She is beautiful, but he must betray her

Highway Girl

Perhaps she thought too much
Or read her mind backwards
Or that she was broke
And had no money or words

Perhaps her lover left her
And she sought no solace
Or she had no lover
And her life was no place

She crouched down on the highway
Waiting for someone to run over
And the good people they veered clear
And their cars turned over

Agnes died behind her wheel
As her car fell in the side
And she did her best, and succeeded
To save the highway girl from her ride

The cars did not touch her
And parted their ways careful
The highway girl got up and left
And went back, alive, sad, beautiful

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Adventures Of The Ganja Eating Squirrel

Our ruler

She rules by proxy

The report's autopsy

Turvy five years are nothing

She's got her power

Like all the kings had

They call it people's

I call her inheritance

Her dynasty it rules

And she's followed

And she's got rubber

Stamping on the papers

And all this happens

While our media

It does its research

On the Ganja eating squirrel

Now see-

-see how it's undone

When you press that button

On the day of election

You chose-

Between the lesser

Of the two evils

You lose your heart and all

Cause it's not fair

They plot in dungeons

And rule in circles

Millions are hungry

Don't it make you angry?

Set fire to the pillars

Of their absurdity

And all this happens

While our media

It does its research

On the Ganja eating squirrel

You wonder (why)

why some of us are

more equal, than others

they've got the answer

they call it one word


so come and take it

this is your cake, it

has got a percent

So now have it free

But you cant see

They lurk in deep

In the lap of death

No cake for them

Cause they're not voters

No one's supporters

And all it happens

While our media

It does its research

On the Ganja eating squirrel