Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Surreal Trip

A million Parallel lights shine
And the gentle rain takes its time
Droplets hanging on to the glass window
And sparkling reflections below

A thousand people in the throng
A clock that shouldn't take so long
And the prettiest girl in that place
I held her, a short embrace

A journey that would never end
A road that has no bends
A small pause, serene and calm
A burst of noise shattered the charm

A conversation, a wish come true
A moment that was really new
An hour to remember for a lifetime
And eyes that held me with their shine

A beautiful girl standing in the hall
She speaks of love and peace for all
And eyes they compete with ears
Two steps away, she stood so near

A gentle shake of hand and head
Waving goodbye to a friend
There's no telling when it'd be again
Of when I'd again feel the same

A writer writes a short tale
With willing characters, he can't fail
Under a million parallel lights
He sits down and starts to write