Thursday, October 19, 2006

Handful of Dust

Pegasus flew over the barren
The sun set with the moon
A sepia tint on my landscape
The horizon will sing my tune

The Brothers Grim, we stand
Together In these Wastelands
And "As the cricket gives no relief"
We'll show you fear in a handful of dust

The Brothers Grim, to conquer
My sepia tinted place
And left behind a Damocles sword
In what was a serene face

Behold, Pegasus has to fly
He has no destination
The Brothers Grim, they sing
We'll show you fear in a handful of dust

Paper Cups...

Sitting on the waiting bench
As random thoughts fill in
Trains come and go incessantly
While mine refuses to come flatly

Paper cups they line my feet
As the long hours flit by
Time suddenly lost its wings
Or forgot how to fly

The train that came in next
And halted in front directly
The coach was destined to stop there
And her face glowed through the window

How many years since we last met
And here was my chance to meet her again
For a small moment, on this platform
And she, on the train

I hesitated, trying to find conversation
I found none, so I stayed
Hoping she would see me
And get off the train

And come to meet me
If just to say hello
Or smile in recognition, then
Maybe the words would flow

"I am not who you think
Oh, no" If she would ask
And grey fills the sky
Isolation, in destiny

Nothing happened in the end
The train left, and so did she
I loved her once...
Now paper cups, they line my feet