Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Poet and The Muse

The poet came to the city
With unwritten songs in his head
He promptly found a place
Where his soul could be fed

He didn't have much of a voice
But he wanted to start a band
Where he could play with people
Would read him and understand

She walked in to his life
And couldnt help become his muse
She sung all his songs so well
That Love was just another ruse

She asked him about his lyrics
'Why do they turn out to be so sad'
She questioned his melancholy
'There's so much else that can be had'

He never really read her
But insisted she read all of him
He couldnt even tell her
That his songs were works of whim

She couldnt change the theme
Or the nature of his songs
She gave up when she gave it all
And she thought he was wrong

She went ahead and left him
He became sad and happy and bright
For all the love he had for her
She had given him something to write

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I dont really feel so good
I dont particularly feel so bad
I think its the weather
Or maybe something that I had

I dont wanna go to sleep
I aint in the mood to get up either
I aint looking for a break
All I want is a breather

I sit and listen to my friends
But I have lost the power to speak
As I walk lonely in a crowd
I still dont know what I seek

Is this some sort of ailment
A disease by any other name
Before I learned to play
Changed the rules of the game

I am not here to say 'so long'
I'd rather look the other way
I have passed through the night
And now it's the break of the day

Friday, March 07, 2008

'Frandship Seekers'

A punk rock song dedicated to all us 'Frandship Seekers',

Sent her a friend request
Tell her I meant her well
And I have a crush on her
Which seems to want to stay

Tell her I aint that bad
And that she makes me sad
When she doesnt accept me
What is it she cant see

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah