Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Long Ride Home

-By Mradul and Me

The road is red
With the dust of the sunset
The cloud is dead
From an unchecked blood-let

There is no me
And today there was no you
And i am sick of all this
When there's nothing else to do

I am leaving for good
And packing my empty bag
Sorry for the rain delay
And for the space-time lag

Its the last orange day
And the breeze too says bye
The sky will talk no more
While the leaves curl up and die

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lemon Kiss

By Mradul and Pablo

In my dreams
Your kiss tasted like a lemon
And all I wanted
Was a hard love woman

but to me you are no more
i can see the sea
but there is no shore

There were fake colours in the sky
Which dripped across lazily
The morning was a wet painting
Which set me free

and the night too
wasn't much true
just my sleep fainting
and now I’m a creep

In my dreams
I tasted your warmth
I walked across the sea
And breathed in the calm

and now its the wind
rabid and bland
the tormenting summer
the desert sand

my foot prints were dry
and their outline ephimeral
it changed with the wind
and their paths converged

and there you are again
and the insanity
that umbrella rain
the same old vanity

is it you ?
or something else?
The coloured rain from the sky