Monday, September 15, 2008

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Four o'clock in the morning
I stand outside my room hallucinating
Waiting for the dawn to creep in
Or to feel the lightness of being

The rush is so relentless
The pleasure becomes much to bear
It makes you itself from within
And you wait for familiar fear

Wait for the tales to flood
And I often pick up my pen to sing
The ink leaves a wet page
Old thoughts it brings

She broke up with me
On the day she loved me the most
So I could figure out myself
What I had loved and lost

She left me for nobody
And there wasnt much left for me
Old friends sitting in a row
Hoping for the rest to free

I turn my empty mind
To know what I had never known
And when its over I stride
On a path others have shown

A choice between life
And The unbearable lightness of being
An easy chance between them
When its reduced to seeing

Four o'clock in the morning
And all those times that she left me
An alternate fantasy to enjoy
And then to let it all be

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I saw her but I didn't see her
While some woman gave a sermon of peace
She was standing next to me
I now wonder Why I couldn't see

I thought of her once again
Sitting on the Edge of the World
And wished her to be there
And it was her voice that I heard

I saw her later on the stage
When she was a backing dancer
Then she reminded me of a song
That I wanted to hear for long

We sat next to a half-empty road
Her head resting on my shoulder
And the stray kisses that she planted
And all I wanted was to hold her

When we walk together
And I take her hand in mine
I know I never wanna let go
And I wish to stop time

A self proclaimed master of words
Now they are hard to come
A feeling few words do justice to
But in time I'll find some

Excuse to Die

He climbed the stony walls
As he planned an escape
This was a home where
He would never set his foot

He climbed the stony walls
To go to the other side
And if he self destructs
Does it count as suicide

If he had the strength
He would put out his own eyes
He didnt want it all
When he saw between the lies

The end is near
There's no reason to try
What he needs is another
Excuse to die

The end is near
Why does he even try
What he's searching for is an
Excuse to die

He was either too weak
Or he was too strong
Stuffed, or Hollow he'd heard
In another tuneless song

He found it in happiness
There were large servings of pain
He saw it as a comedy
It kept him from going insane

He sees the signs of destruction
And he almost sees the end
He cant add to its creation
And doesnt even know when

Fahrenheit 451

Clothed in gray and brown
They formed an imperfect circle
Armed with the fire in their eyes
Reflecting the flame in the centre

They grabbed handfuls each
And waited for the tallest
Who in turn gave no signal
But flung his first from his right

The flame coloured them yellow
And they began awestruck
Pouring their hands over the fire
Feeding the tip of the tongue

Paper burned, immoderately
And they couldnt care less
Of content, type or quality
Only which burned quicker