Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strange Gods

I was the dot outside the circle
Still they gave me a tour of the temple
And I claim some moments of frenzy
When I revered their strange Gods

Each one of them claimed to be different
But they were all amazingly alike
The same expressions, and catch phrases
Even the same walking, talking style

They all took a dip in the fountain
which claimed to make them all different
But when they surfaced they were the same
It was hard to tell them apart

And the God that they prayed to
I confess, I too once was in awe of
And in the end I saw a difference
Their Gods too were humans

I never found anything special
Except perhaps extra-ordinary will
And a desire to be different
I could never join the ilk

I was too much of myself
I couldn't sustain on their Gods
I still tip my hat to them But I
Don't think I would enter the temple

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breaking Point

-In milibhagat with Mradul

I'll learn to drive a car
And drive at 150 per hour
Then I'll crash into a wall
Or over a bridge I would fall

I'll make the night go red
And then count from A to Z
I'll run into your head
And turn it into a brawl

I'll throw away my phone
And everything else that I own
I'll break all my bones
And there will be no one to call

The world will dazzle in my light
Without a cause I'll fight
I'll lay down and die every night
And that would end it all