Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You Don't Need Me Anymore

You say you don't deserve the place
That I would like to give you
But I'll always say what I say
Cause whatever I say is true

The truth is I don't belong
And you don't need me anymore
I wish I could be, but
I can never be there anymore

I am the past, I don't exist
I might have been your imagination
But i was the child, I was naive
and I couldn't stand seperation

When there was nothing
Then there was a false hope
And I haven't learnt to live
And still have to learn to cope

You don't need me anymore
And all the words are futile
Still I wish I could be there
And be a part of your smile

Wish I could make a better difference
And wish I could see your eyes
And then I wish I don't
The fool, wants to be wise


I am falling away
Into the realms of reason
I have drifted away
Committed a personal treason

A month is too long
And now I search again
I have had pleasure
It's time for my pain

Life is a medicine
A glass of water suffices
It's a hard swallow
And properly it surprises

I am still the bard
Singing of broken dreams
I still have a voice
That writes it seems

Is this a return
Too much has passed
I have said another good bye
And have my feelings amassed

I am still busy searching
And it's not for good or perfect
It's for the fall within
And to earn my own respect