Friday, March 30, 2012


in Milibhagat with mradul

The Best Paintings in the World Are Those
Where colours stay intact and don't blend
and with people spattered over, like those solitary colours
isn't this world, one of those paintings ?

White, Black and Brown together without mixing
A world which the artist can easily mend
and the blank spaces in the painting need not be filled
for there is always an elegance in emptiness

It helps when the paintings don't move
So they become new a thousand times for you
and a thousand times you fall over and pass by
without noticing how they, and you, have changed together.

And these stories they tell get better with time
Differentiating themselves from what the artist drew
they travel to far off places like people
and come back, only to laugh at how they all began.

This flat surfaced world enchants us
And keeps us happily locked within itself
like how it does not matter to those colors,
how they look from far away