Saturday, December 30, 2006

Filtered Sunlight, Filtered Rain

Walking through these dusty Corridors
Images flash by, magic is it
And the sunlight through the grills
Providing a shade with it

And the ground is soaking wet
Raising dust storms in its wake
As the musty smell seeps up
And it's what I can keep and take

Life wouldn't appreciate being scaled
Into lines and words, four after four
And my limits are none
Not until my fingers sore

Filtered Sunlight, Filtered Rain
What is it, memories or forgetting
Feet rest after a happy walk
And my fingers do the talking

For time has come, it always will
And I remain passive to it
It's passage doesn't amuse me
Wonder, why would it

The dust of the dusk is in place
The light shines at the end of the day
Filtered Sunlight, Filtered Rain
They must be on their way

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Handful of Dust

Pegasus flew over the barren
The sun set with the moon
A sepia tint on my landscape
The horizon will sing my tune

The Brothers Grim, we stand
Together In these Wastelands
And "As the cricket gives no relief"
We'll show you fear in a handful of dust

The Brothers Grim, to conquer
My sepia tinted place
And left behind a Damocles sword
In what was a serene face

Behold, Pegasus has to fly
He has no destination
The Brothers Grim, they sing
We'll show you fear in a handful of dust

Paper Cups...

Sitting on the waiting bench
As random thoughts fill in
Trains come and go incessantly
While mine refuses to come flatly

Paper cups they line my feet
As the long hours flit by
Time suddenly lost its wings
Or forgot how to fly

The train that came in next
And halted in front directly
The coach was destined to stop there
And her face glowed through the window

How many years since we last met
And here was my chance to meet her again
For a small moment, on this platform
And she, on the train

I hesitated, trying to find conversation
I found none, so I stayed
Hoping she would see me
And get off the train

And come to meet me
If just to say hello
Or smile in recognition, then
Maybe the words would flow

"I am not who you think
Oh, no" If she would ask
And grey fills the sky
Isolation, in destiny

Nothing happened in the end
The train left, and so did she
I loved her once...
Now paper cups, they line my feet

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Interminable Anger

Raging against the wall
We never made the call
And then we hoped to fly
Floating through one big lie

What would you do?
When your best friend lies to you
When there's a thing as trust
And your trust is too much

And every right seems wrong
And all failures are long
And then you pick your pen
And wonder where it began

Cause it remains unwritten
Cause is never found
Cause is all magic and trick
Cause never came around

And you're mostly alone
Even when with your friends
Even your best days
Into worst nights they end

Shouting from the corner
Surrounded only by echoes
Your own image is blurred
Just because you don't know


Take out my left eye
Replace it with a stone
It pains too much to see
And my right eye is alone

There's a knife in my ear
And it spins inside
Churning away madly
cutting through my hide

There's a humming in my brain
And it won't go away
It came in quietly
And now it's here to stay

There's a spring in my step
And I often touch the ceiling
But it's a pailful process
And no wounds are healing

There's a pen in my hand
And it's an approximate wand
It can't turn back
The grains of sand

There's a stone in my body
And it reminds me of pain
It reminds me of life
And that I am insane


I sit alone
Even though the room is crowded
I wait alone
But she won't come

My friends have left
They have been here long
And lack of interest
And no hope of hope

I glance at the door
It stares back at me
It opens and closes
In an unrelenting mockery

Waiting alone in a coffee shop
Two cups, one for each
I am prepared for her
But she won't come

I look at my watch
And then I wait more
She should have been here
But she doesnt come

Waiting at the coffee table
There have been others before me
And like me they have waited
Knowing she won't come

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A cup of Chaos

Smoking in the dungeons
Waiting for it with happy faces
Working with no hands
In Too many dangerous places

Distortion of reality
Nothing's what it seems
Tripping over nothing
And wondering what to dream

Fighting in the shadows
The laughter punches our ears
Taking over completely
And waking all our fears

I awake in my dream
And try to hide my pain
And gather where I've been
While they take over again

There's a linear crowd
And a machine pulls up
Sooner or later we'll all be there
And there is no hope

Perhaps the end is better
We are all so happy here
And truth is rejected as lie
We begin again from the lair

Sunday, April 02, 2006



I am torn between
A desire to let go
And a will to hold on
And take the blow

I look below
And it lures me down
Step lightly on thin air
And in these winds drown

I take a deep breath
And look down again
My hands grip the railing
It drives me insane

There is no ground
I am on a tower so tall
I am called below
A desire to free fall

From infinty to infinity
I fall continuously
And no known rush greater
Than terminal velocity

One leg over the railing
And now the other
I give into my desire
And surrender to vertigo

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You Don't Need Me Anymore

You say you don't deserve the place
That I would like to give you
But I'll always say what I say
Cause whatever I say is true

The truth is I don't belong
And you don't need me anymore
I wish I could be, but
I can never be there anymore

I am the past, I don't exist
I might have been your imagination
But i was the child, I was naive
and I couldn't stand seperation

When there was nothing
Then there was a false hope
And I haven't learnt to live
And still have to learn to cope

You don't need me anymore
And all the words are futile
Still I wish I could be there
And be a part of your smile

Wish I could make a better difference
And wish I could see your eyes
And then I wish I don't
The fool, wants to be wise


I am falling away
Into the realms of reason
I have drifted away
Committed a personal treason

A month is too long
And now I search again
I have had pleasure
It's time for my pain

Life is a medicine
A glass of water suffices
It's a hard swallow
And properly it surprises

I am still the bard
Singing of broken dreams
I still have a voice
That writes it seems

Is this a return
Too much has passed
I have said another good bye
And have my feelings amassed

I am still busy searching
And it's not for good or perfect
It's for the fall within
And to earn my own respect

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Ecstacy of Loss

I gave it all
And then I gave more
I bruised my spirit
And my soul is sour

A battle half won
Is a battle lost
I am never complete
I am almost…

I give up now
It’s useless anyway
The triumph of hope over reason
I used to say

I would rather nothing
And nothing is what I get
Born with bad luck
Failure is the surest bet

In time
The words would sound better
I would learn to rhyme
No longer bitter

It’s over now
No more laments
I tried my best
I don’t repent

Friday, February 17, 2006


I sit back and enjoy my destruction
Bit by bit I am reduced
I see the mirror and no reflection
I laugh and I am amused

What am I when I am nothing
Would I be what I was
Will it matter when it does
Whither me? Perhaps never was

I know it's not late and then I wait
For it to be late enough
To applaud at the end
And say "It was worth the laugh"

I am desperate to be not desperate
I give myself so I can't take
I see my pieces on the floor
Alone I stand, "Alone I break"

I could be better than now
But this is much more fun
I don't want to hide
Why would I want to run

This is not a sad song
Rather this is my comical lyric
I stress that I seem happy
And this is my farcical gimmick