Friday, November 14, 2008

All Night

I'll tell you sad stories
And dry out your tears
I'll tell you bad jokes
So you know I am here
I'll sing you a song
And I'll make it up along
And all I ask of you
Won't you stay the night?

My dreams would be yours
And your time would be mine
I'll write you a poem
And rhyme all the lines
I'll make you some coffee
And share your cup
And all I ask of you
Won't you say the night?

The ghosts from the windows
Will laugh at our laughter
This time from tomorrow
Knows what we are are after
We can play scrabble
And I'll cheat and lose
And all I ask of you
Won't you stay the night?

I'll kiss your eyes
And wish you goodnight
I'll play with your hair
And close all the lights
When you wake the next day
You'll find me awake
And all I ask of you
Please stay the night

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Love Song

You are the greatest story
That I have never told
You are the warmth I need
When I feel cold

My closest friend
You are my only love
I wanna give you all
But it wont be enough

You are the kindest words
That can be said
You are my peace of mind
My sleep and rest

You are my life
My world and everything
You are the reason I choose
The songs I sing

I love you so
And I know you are mine
You are my rain
And my winter sunshine

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Comedian

'You know how I feel these days'
He said to the Comedian
They sat on the cliff
And he wanted to jump off it

The comedian gave him consolation
'There, there it'd be better'
He took a pebble from his feet
and threw it over the edge

'I think I will stay here'
He told the comedian again
'Its safe although its dangerous'
The comedian cracked a joke for him

'You scare me sometimes, why?'
The comedian said he need not worry
There was nothing to be afraid of
He said he was mostly harmless

She called the comedian afar
He turned to listen to her
And accidentally knocked the other guy
And watched him fall over the cliff

'Are you alright?' he asked
As his gaze followed him
The comedian thought of a punchline
'Oh well, no blood on my hands'