Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Interminable Anger

Raging against the wall
We never made the call
And then we hoped to fly
Floating through one big lie

What would you do?
When your best friend lies to you
When there's a thing as trust
And your trust is too much

And every right seems wrong
And all failures are long
And then you pick your pen
And wonder where it began

Cause it remains unwritten
Cause is never found
Cause is all magic and trick
Cause never came around

And you're mostly alone
Even when with your friends
Even your best days
Into worst nights they end

Shouting from the corner
Surrounded only by echoes
Your own image is blurred
Just because you don't know


Take out my left eye
Replace it with a stone
It pains too much to see
And my right eye is alone

There's a knife in my ear
And it spins inside
Churning away madly
cutting through my hide

There's a humming in my brain
And it won't go away
It came in quietly
And now it's here to stay

There's a spring in my step
And I often touch the ceiling
But it's a pailful process
And no wounds are healing

There's a pen in my hand
And it's an approximate wand
It can't turn back
The grains of sand

There's a stone in my body
And it reminds me of pain
It reminds me of life
And that I am insane


I sit alone
Even though the room is crowded
I wait alone
But she won't come

My friends have left
They have been here long
And lack of interest
And no hope of hope

I glance at the door
It stares back at me
It opens and closes
In an unrelenting mockery

Waiting alone in a coffee shop
Two cups, one for each
I am prepared for her
But she won't come

I look at my watch
And then I wait more
She should have been here
But she doesnt come

Waiting at the coffee table
There have been others before me
And like me they have waited
Knowing she won't come

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A cup of Chaos

Smoking in the dungeons
Waiting for it with happy faces
Working with no hands
In Too many dangerous places

Distortion of reality
Nothing's what it seems
Tripping over nothing
And wondering what to dream

Fighting in the shadows
The laughter punches our ears
Taking over completely
And waking all our fears

I awake in my dream
And try to hide my pain
And gather where I've been
While they take over again

There's a linear crowd
And a machine pulls up
Sooner or later we'll all be there
And there is no hope

Perhaps the end is better
We are all so happy here
And truth is rejected as lie
We begin again from the lair