Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Prettiest Girl In The World

I want to write my poems on your hands
To clasp your fingers in mine and never let go
I will dip my hands in paint, green, red, black
And draw pictures and messages on you

I wish to kiss your eyes when they smile
And catch you unaware like I do
That you may lean on my shoulder again
Surprised, happy, closing your eyes to see

I want to take you by your hand and tug
Gently, to throw my arms around you
To bury my face in the side of your neck
And feel your smile in your embrace

To listen to the sound of your laughter
And to pull you close by your shoulder
While you kiss me on mine and tell me
The sensation that lingers for a long time

The prettiest girl in the world
The reasons she's given me to try
My poems written on her hands
My paintings drawn all over her

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Ballad of M and S

-For Absent friends, lost loves, and the season of mists

You are going away so soon
I wish you were here instead
Sitting right now beside me
With these words I never said

Though I could never be so clear
Or be precise or something close
There wasnt a thread of fear
And no time that I chose

And now that you won't be here
With me still thinking about
What can be or could be
And I don't want to be of the crowd

For once, always or last
I wish I knew what to say
And I could still wake up happy
at the dawn of another day

To tell you those words
Or to bid you farewell
To make a small difference
Somewhere in you I'd dwell

Still I take my chance and say
There's a part of you that knows
I want you to be happy,
I love you, please don't go