Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Last Night Of Nine

-In Milibhagat with Mradul

Where is everyone ?
When I am on the edge of time
Running in circles
Standing at the end of nine

Is it dark or has it always been like this?
Like the promise of a secret kiss
On a big red zeppelin
In a cloud I wouldn't miss

I m going to fly away tomorrow

Somewhere I don't need to go
And then come back here
Where the grass still grows

The pink reservoir is leaking

And I haven't planned an escape
Are you listening anymore?
Or have you closed your drapes

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Crayon Coloured World

She picks out her favourite blue dress
And the pink that goes on her nails
Leaves a half-read book on the table
And a collection of unread mail

The sky is a shade grey to perfection
Green life passes by her window pane
There's a tree dancing in the wind
Rejuvenated after the rain

He flips up a silver coin
On a dusty brown table it lands
He chases ephemeral worlds
The last member of a music band

He picks up a yellow piece of paper
With a tale written in black ink
He had left her a thank you note
And the poem was a tenuous link

She rides into an orange sunset
A night of violet feelings awaits
He closes the door behind him
He is already an year late

He lives in a crayon coloured world
And the outlines are all in a haze
He waits for the end of the present
It's sadly not a passing phase

Monday, December 21, 2009

Temporary Loss

I have no memory of the day that's passed
No recollection of what happened last
Each day floats away in a cloud of dust
As I idle myself in a field of rust

It's a serious flaw for someone like me
Used to living in a memory
Images floating in suspended animation
No more a cause for lost celebration

In the fight between yesterday and tomorrow
Today has lost all its meaning
The past has packed its bags and left
On an invisible wall I am leaning

I have no memory of a moment ago
Time has ceased to become slow
Another year ends full of sorrow
But leaves the hint of a better tomorrow