Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Ecstacy of Loss

I gave it all
And then I gave more
I bruised my spirit
And my soul is sour

A battle half won
Is a battle lost
I am never complete
I am almost…

I give up now
It’s useless anyway
The triumph of hope over reason
I used to say

I would rather nothing
And nothing is what I get
Born with bad luck
Failure is the surest bet

In time
The words would sound better
I would learn to rhyme
No longer bitter

It’s over now
No more laments
I tried my best
I don’t repent

Friday, February 17, 2006


I sit back and enjoy my destruction
Bit by bit I am reduced
I see the mirror and no reflection
I laugh and I am amused

What am I when I am nothing
Would I be what I was
Will it matter when it does
Whither me? Perhaps never was

I know it's not late and then I wait
For it to be late enough
To applaud at the end
And say "It was worth the laugh"

I am desperate to be not desperate
I give myself so I can't take
I see my pieces on the floor
Alone I stand, "Alone I break"

I could be better than now
But this is much more fun
I don't want to hide
Why would I want to run

This is not a sad song
Rather this is my comical lyric
I stress that I seem happy
And this is my farcical gimmick