Friday, March 04, 2011

Uneasy Love

in milibhagat with Mradul

Tonight, the mist creeped into my room,
smelling sweetly of dark winter nights.
and i wondered what is it about you,
that makes me want to stop forever.

Tonight, the moon climbs silently up the sky,
and it reminds me of the time that wont return.
of the time that wont be
however i might yearn.

This night if it ends would steal,
all the things i wanted to feel.
All the things that talk to me will stay behind
just like you.

This dawn when it breaks will take,
all my dreams that would never complete.
Why has the night in all its beauty
grown so heartless?

The song that swims uneasily inside,
leaves a destructive path that wakes me.
and i find that nothing has changed,
except. I have a memory more.


Mihir jha said...

Thats lovely Dude....!!

Manuj said...

that is not you !!!