Tuesday, March 30, 2010


-Mradul and self

I need life like a ton of bricks
A beggar's bag of magic tricks
Where a simple sigh would suffice
I look forward to a tragic flick

A flick with an orange autumn bridge
Atop a forest, quiet and thick
and watch the birds return again
to the place they sleep, and talk and sit

I'll make a house with leaves and sticks
I never liked the smell of bricks
When I'm needed to move ahead
I'll settle down in the place I pick

In an open field i long to die
Beside some tree and maybe you
wherever i go whatever i do
this is one dream that wont get big


shreya said...

nice :)

Sushant Trivedi said...

I'd love to visit a house of leaves and sticks

Pablo said...

@Sushant- make one, it's easy.

Ashish Rai said...

wow !!

flight uninterupted said...

this is one dream that won't get big!!!